Thanks to the family of Joaquín Sánchez, father and alma mater of this viticultural project, we have built up here in Pago Casa del Blanco a human team who is qualified and capable to deal with the great challenges of the current market and, above all, to offer you a high quality product.


We are also convinced that a company's solidity does not only lie in its quality services or products, but it is also upheld in the preparation and professionalization of its human team.


Our fortitude does not only lie in our wines or technical infrastructures, but also in all those people who work in order to make possible that every single grape is the best possible one.


This family Project, which also has an important team that takes care of the lands and vineyards daily, is made up of industrial, agricultural and civil engineers, experts at pharmacy and oenology, technicians of the food industry, communication and marketing.



  • Joaquín Sánchez: Director-General
  • Sandra Sánchez: Technical Director
  • Antonio Merino: Oenologist
  • Joaquín Sánchez: Director
  • Francisco Javier Guerrero: Winery Technician
  • Margarita Gallardo: Management
  • Eva Sánchez Contreras: Commercial Director and Marketing
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Pago Casa del Blanco
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