When the winery was founded we acquired the Protected Geographical Indication: “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla” (wines of the land of Castilla). However, we always had the vision of gaining  “del Pago”, for which we have worked during these years until finally achieving it. We didn't think that our wines were better or worse than those of surrounding areas, but that they were unique. Since June 2009, when we presented our application to be classified “del Pago”, we have gone out of our way to demonstrate that singualrity, or personality, which made us different, and to have the authorities recognise this through the creation of the new Designation of Origin which formed by a unique winery – Pago Casa del Blanco.


This process implied the putting in place of numerous norms in quality: ISO 9001; the implementation of our own norms in vine-growing and wine-making, specifying the practices of cultivation, the maximum yield, the distinct operations of wine-making, the periods of growth; the detailed study of the grounds in which the plants develop which will later give rise to our wines, the analysis of flower microbiology which forms part of the formation of our wines, etc...


From the study of the grounds and the wines produced – which are the true expression of the ground where they are produced – one can make various conclusions:


Organoleptically the QuiXote wines possess a series of clearly distinguishable attributes valued very positively by connoisseurs.


The concentration of Lithium ions in the wines is up to ten times greater than the concentration found in wines from surrounding areas. Moreover, a correlation exists between the plots of land where more lithium has been found and wines with a higher concentration of this metal, obtained from plants from those same plots, by which this differentiating element – with regards to the wines of surrounding regions – links perfectly with the concept of “pago” as the specific ground and microclimate and the agronomic products obtained.


Lithium is the principal active ingredient used in antidepressive medicine.


The antioxidant activity linked to the health benefits of wine is double compared to the wines of surrounding areas.


Due to a phenomenon of copolymerisation, or colour stabilisation, the colour of the red wines reflects an inferior age to the actual vintage, therefore improving its capacity for storage.


The recognition of the Designation of Origin for quality wines produced in determined Pagos was only possible under the following premises:


The winery has a consolidated track-record, having consistently received over recent years high classifications and public recognition for the quality of its wines.


It is a matter of wines elaborated, made and bottled by the same person/entity who holds the title of the vineyards of which the Pago is composed. All processes are carried out within the Pago itself.


All of the grapes come exclusively from the determined Pago. The selection of varieties, the cultivation techniques, the production and the control of the yield is coherent with the ground and the climate, striving at all times for biological equilibrium of the vineyard in the framework of sustainable agriculture.


The techniques of wine-making and the enological treatments employed go hand in hand to achieve the best possible expression of the wines from the blend of characteristics which form the identity of the Pago.


The choice of the moment to harvest the grapes with regards to their ripeness and condition, and the control of all the variables of the elaboration process are under the direction of qualified technicians.


The winery consists of modern installations which allow the control of all the relevant parameters in order to bring about a quailty elaboration.

Pago Casa del Blanco
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